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I have been competitively drifting a Corvette for 8 years and I chose to use the FDF Mega Mantis angle kit on my car. I have been using the kit all season and I love the design, durability, and adjustability. It’s simple and straight forward in design which I like, and gives a huge range of adjustment to get the right feeling for you. I have taken hits with other drivers and walls never causing undrivable damage. FDF is great about getting replacement parts and not having to buy an entire kit for any parts needed. The finishes and hardware are also high quality. The steering is smooth and consistent from lock to lock. Highly recommend these and other complimenting FDF parts!

Dirk Stratton

This is the smoothest angle kit on the market. When properly set up it actually feels like factory s-chassis steering just with a ton more angle. About to enter my third Formula Drift season on the same kit from day one. No failures, not even damage on small hits. Light enough to keep the car light but strong enough to handle professional drifting. This kit gets 5 stars from me.

Ricky Hofmann

Got the billet S-chassis Mantis angle kit on my Formula drift car and been bashing it for over 8 events this year and its still super strong without any faillure . The feeling is very good and it's easy to control the amount of angle you put on track.

I recommend it 100% to never worry about it when you drift.

Tommy Lemaire

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