About Us

My name is Josiah, and this is my company, FDF. 

FDF was established in 2015. At first, it was just a weekend job fabricating parts and building race cars for customers while I worked full time as an engineering tech. Honing my skills as a self taught fabricator, I posted my progress on social media where I was encouraged to turn my imagination into a product. People loved it. Fast forward to 2020 and FDF is now made up of multiple people, all possessing the skill and attention to detail that is so rare in today's society. We focus on our products and take pride in our customer service, giving the one on one interaction with every customer makes it so you can't go wrong buying our product. 

Important note, we race what we build, and we win. Competing or not, our products are designed to enhance your driving experience, and our testimonials prove that.

Join our team, get to know us, and we will support you.