Nissan S-Chassis/R-Chassis/Z32 Hicas Delete Bracket

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Powder coated steel plate for deleting your hicas and bracing your subframe. This product comes with replacement bushings, and all hardware required. Install the bushing by pressing out the knuckle ball joint, and pressing in the easy to install energy suspension bushings.

This plate is designed to be used with any aftermarket adjustable toe arms.

Bolt the bracket to the holes already provided on the subframe, leave all bolts finger tight until arms are installed on the knuckles and on the subframe, tighten to manufactures recommended torque spec.

Install time of approximately 1 hour.

2 week waiting time for custom colours.

For custom colours, email your order number and the colour wanted.

Please allow 2-3weeks of fabrication before the item is sent.

Nissan S-Chassis/R-Chassis/Z32 Hicas Delete Bracket