Our Pair of Pro Drift Cars: Masters of Controlled Chaos

The art of drifting is a beautiful symphony of controlled chaos - the harmony of horsepower, steering, and throttle control. This visceral experience of loud engines, squealing tires, and smoke is nothing short of exhilarating. At the heart of this spectacle, we're proud to introduce our two pro drift cars.

The FDF Nissan S14

The first member of our drifting duet is the S14. Equipped with a powerful 440 LSX Engine, this vehicle does more than just boast impressive specs.

This car is dressed to kill with a vibrant Mantis FDF wrap that promises its as ferocious as it looks. Underneath this captivating exterior, the S14 has a chassis that's been meticulously designed for precision handling. With our suspensions components all around the car, it handles as good as it sounds.

What makes the FDF S14 unique is its straight NA power bank. To be competitive now a days, most drift cars need either a turbo or supercharger paired with it. This monster is making 650 WHP, straight engine! 

The FDF Corvette C6

Then we have the Corvette - a new addition to the family. Its LS Dart Block is the heart of the beast, capable of cranking out a ground-shaking 750WHP.

Donning a stylish White to Green exterior, this vehicle is sure to turn heads at every event. Its fully custom FDF suspension is what sets it apart from the rest. Oh, and probably the crazy 8 into 1 exhaust system. 

Just like its sibling, the Corvette carries its unique signature feature - Crazy Suspension. We have spent so much time on both of these cars, designing, manufacturing and testing our suspension products. The S14 products have been tested by many and have been on the market for a few years now. It is time to dive into the Corvette chassis and get these parts on the market for others to enjoy!

The Corvette is almost done and ready to drift. Will it be at Formula Drift 2024?

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