So He Wanted To Lower His Porsche Cayenne.....

The one off kit....again.
This time it was for a close customer of ours, Vasily. A local car enthusiast who owns a Bagged Audi A4 converted to S4. So when he came to us with the proposition to make a front kit for his slammed, cambered out Porsche Cayenne, we knew it was going to be a crazy build (and he mentioned it has an LS2 in it)!!!
Basically with all the stock suspension parts, when you lower a car a bunch you have a major roll centre correction problem. The upper control arm is pushed up so high its hitting the chassis and all the geometry  is completely off. The lower control arm is at such an angle the ball joint is maxed. So, with all this information in hand, we knew we needed to make a drop knuckle, which is moving the bearing higher in relation to the pick up point, while leaving all the bump steer features basically OEM. He also wanted it longer and on car adjustable, which we do for many of our other products. 
 We made a Youtube video on the build of this insane kit and walked through the steps to making it.

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